past present future


OverView - 2011 / HDV 16:9 / 8min31 / color / sound / stereo

An investigation of time and memory seen from the perspective of a mysterious space. As the mystery unfolds, a solitary, cosmic exploration is revealed.

2014 - International House Philadelphia / Solo Screening – 4 films by Richard Martin

2013 - 31st FIFA International Festival of Films on Art / Montreal Canada

2011 - Lucca Film Festival / Lucca Italy

Time-Based (Vancouver 125) / Canada

Athen International Film + Video Festival / Ohio USA

"A fixed camera through opaque glass-brick observes movements and shifting patterns of light. The effective use of sound creates an evocative exploration of memory and subconscious: children at play echo from afar as horses on cobblestone reverberate from another era. The sounds merge with piano score as pedestrians and machinery add their own chorus, subsiding to syncopation of rain and thunder, creating a kaleidoscopic experience of a city and the heavens from beneath."

Sylvia Jonescu Lisitza / Moving Images