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Winter Last July - 1983 / 16mm / HD / 13min13 / color / mono / HD stereo

A personal ‘travelogue’ of Australia frames images of palm trees, ferries, flags and dark corners of light and shadow drawing a solitary exploration.

2017 - Cineinfinito / Santander, Spain / Cineinfinito #11 Richard Martin

1991 - FORMAL DIARIES / Touring exhibition / Japan

1984 - Toronto International Film Festival / Perspective Canada

Ann Arbor Film Festival / Touring exhibition

"A flag waving gracefully in a series of dissolves and double exposures underlines the poetic reality evoked in Winter Last July, reinforced by the filmmaker’s haunting piano soundtrack."

Ann Arbor Film Festival


"West Coast artists like David Rimmer, Chris Gallagher and Richard Martin produce shorts that are more demanding than most features: subtle, effective and challenging works."

Natalie Edwards / NOW Magazine / Toronto International Film Festival 1984


RM Note:

"I travelled to Australia in 1979 as artist-in-residence to a Brisbane art gallery screening Canadian experimental film. I was handed a bunch of 16mm film and set about recording visual experiences. At the same time I had access to a recording facility and a grand piano. A couple of years later the two experiences merged into a personal travelogue that was part happenstance and part pre-ordained."